Feb 2021 Survey Response

Response to Feedback on Proposed Merger – Feb 2021 Survey

April 2021

Many thanks to all that have responded to the initial survey.  Both Belmont Health Centre and Enterprise Practice truly appreciate the time taken to allow us to understand your opinions and concerns.


Based on the feedback we have received we would like to respond to some common concerns that were mentioned:


  1. Continuity of care
    • All Partners understand the importance of continuity of care and will always endeavour that this is met. Clinical capacity will remain the same if not increase to allow for this.  Being a merged entity will also negate the need for using as many locums which will ensure that patients see a regular doctor.
  2. Difficulties in getting an appointment
    • Again clinical capacity will not change and also the ability to offer a Saturday clinic should help working patients access their GP more readily.
    • We also plan to increase the use of our online consultation system (Klinik) which will allow prompt GP triage to ensure that every patient is directed to the best health care professional to meet their health needs.
    • The merger will also allow us to make use of cloud technology for our telephone system which we hope will improve access via the telephone too.
  3. Will Jobs be cut?
    • Both practices have unanimously decided that there will be no job cuts as a result of this merger.
  4. What is happening to Long Elms?
    • Long Elms is currently opened at a reduced capacity due to COVID-19 but in the coming months we hope to be back to running a full service.