Private Services List and Fees

Please review our list of Non NHS work that we offer at the practice, which attract a fee. This includes certificates, forms, medical examinations and various travel vaccinations.

Non NHS Fees


Medical Examination

Medical examination & report

(Accident, sickness, insurance, HGV & bus drivers fitness, PSV, taxi & racing driver fitness, elderly & other driver fitness, seat belt exemption, employers & general medical, fit to attend sports activities) Based upon BMA recommended fee of £175.50 per 45 minutes)




Private/sick Note  £20.00
Holiday Cancellation Report  £30.00
Fitness to Travel Certificate  £30.00



Insurance/private claim form (eg PPP or BUPA)  £50.00
Driving Licence   photo/form  £25.00
Blue Badge (Disable Parking medical report)  £25.00


Adoption & Fostering                    

Initial health assessment-looked after child (Form IHA)  £100.00
Full medical examination of child (Forms C, D YP or AME)  £44.00
Health assessment – Prospective carer (Form AH)  £70.00
Update report – parent / care (Form AH2)  £20.00


Private Patients

Minimum charge per appointment (20mins)

(Medical Examination – per hour £184.00)




Vaccination Certificate  £10.00
Yellow Fever Vaccination and certificate – Currently Unavailable  £65.00
Meningococcal ACWY  £50.00
Hepatitis B  (Course of 03)  £30.00

(per vaccine)


Letters / reports

To Whom It May Concern   £20.00 – £30.00
Housing letters

Copies of Medical Notes for Solicitors

Reply to Solicitors’ letters – Fees to be advised By Individual Doctors



Please speak to Admin Team for any services not listed above.

Please note we do NOT provide a character reference for any of its patients under any circumstances. And we no longer countersign passport application forms and photos as the guidance from the Passport Office has changed. For more information please check the following link:

All above charges are as recommended by the British Medical Association.

(July 2020)